And Science.

Every agency can communicate scientific information. And that would be enough, if our customers only operated with half their brain. But to change customer behavior, you need to uncover a deeper truth: the emotional connection that links a scientific insight with a human insight. At LLNS, finding that sweet spot is what helps our clients build bigger, more valuable brands.



At LLNS, our strategic approach is aimed at uncovering the "heart and science" within every brand. By getting to the emotional and psychological sides of healthcare, we're able to generate deep, authentic insights, which power sharp strategies and more persuasive communications.

LLNS inception process


  • Category
  • Competition
  • Customers


  • SWOT
  • Strategic Imperatives
  • Customers


  • Singular Essence
  • Story Arc/Message Design
  • Visual/Verbal Branding, Creative Concepts


  • Research & Validation
  • Qualitative, Quantitative, In-market
  • Learnings enhance excellence


  • Attitudes & Behaviors
  • Business Performance
  • Outcomes



A list of our services will never be complete, because in truth we bring our clients "whatever it takes" to solve a business problem. We'll seamlessly partner with one of our many Omnicom specialty agencies if their expertise is needed. And if the best answer lies outside—or already on the client's own roster—we're happy to partner up. We only want one thing: whatever's in the client's best interests.

That said, the services we provide inside our own walls meet a very high standard. They have to be strategic, insightful, compelling, and not secondarily, done right the first time. By getting it right sooner, we can help our clients succeed faster.


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Our people are an eclectic group. They can be very un-serious about almost everything—except business. Understanding the gravity of what we're creating—and what it means to health care providers and patients and families—is why we put our heart and scientific soul into our clients' businesses.


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Sharon F. Callahan
CEO & President
Dan Chichester
Chief Creative Officer



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